TCR China

Teamwork Motorsport reallocates resources to expanded TCR programme

Teamwork Motorsport is set to expand its TCR programme in response to a swell of interest in the formula.

A successful 2016 season featured victorious campaigns in the burgeoning TCR Asia Series, China and Hong Kong Touring Car Championships, China GT and Macau Grand Prix, but Teamwork Motorsport will wind-up its independent CTCC programme and reallocate its resources in 2017.

Teamwork’s CTCC drivers, Sunny Wong and Alex Hui, will switch their attention to the squad’s TCR project, but interest in the formula is soaring and it is currently in talks with a number of other racers while deciding whether to commit to TCR Asia or China, or both.

Teamwork Motorsport Team Principal, Paul Hui, said: “We were honoured to have run in the China Touring Car Championship between 2014 and 2016. The 2.0T class is gaining huge momentum and 2017 will be extremely competitive with new manufacturer teams coming in, but it also represents increased pressure for privateer teams and, having achieved multiple race wins on the way to the Independents’ title last year, it is the right time to modify our model of participation in the CTCC. After one season of TCR Asia, we are confident about the future of this category and we will start to move more resource in that direction.”

Wong added: “I am very proud to have been part of Teamwork Motorsport’s three seasons in the CTCC. Looking back, we learnt, grew and won together as a team, and we also witnessed big regulation changes to the Official Engine and Chassis that made the competition more intense for teams and more entertaining for spectators. I am sure we can apply what we learnt in the CTCC to the TCR programme and I’m very excited to see how well we do.”