Macau GP

Suncity Racing Team tops FOOD4U Macau Touring Car Cup Free Practice

Suncity Racing Team set the pace in free practice on Thursday for the FOOD4U Macau Touring Car Cup. Alexander Fung and Paul Poon were 1-2 in 1600cc class. Samson Fung performed 3rd in 1950cc class. Another two drivers Cherry Cheung and Lo Kai Bong were both ran into top 10 place in seprate classes. This year is debut race for female driver Cherry Cheung, she’s ambitious and well-prepared.

Paul Poon: 2nd in 1600cc class is not enough
After FP session, Paul was highly praising his Puegeot RCZ. “Tuning of this RCZ is incredible. I love its handling. The car was so well-balanced when I was cornering high speed session.”However, Paul was pushing too hard in FP that his RCZ had little scatch with fence.
Given such great performance and well-tuned racing car, Paul is very confident about tomorrow’s Qualifying and will push as hard as he can.

Samson Fung: 3rd in 1950cc class and has more in pocket.
Samson Fung set the 3rd place on time sheet with upgraded Audi TTRS. During today’s FP session, Samson’s driving was always influenced by those slower cars. And he was very fruastrated about this. “This well-tuned Audi TTRS has a lot to give.” Samson said after FP session. “I could perform way better.”

“Qualifing in Friday is so critical for us. There are not many overtake places at Guia Circuit. Good qualifying results plays big part in Race.”