Macau GP

Double victory for Teamwork at the Macau Touring Car Cup

Sunny Wong and Paul Poon victorious in the 1.95+ and 1.6T races

Teamwork Motorsport, under the Suncity Racing Team flag, had a perfect result at this weekend’s Macau Touring Car Cup, with Sunny Wong taking victory overall in the race in the team’s Subaru WRX STi, his first win at the Guia circuit, while Paul Poon notched up his seventh career win in the 1.6T class in the Peugeot RCZ.

Wong made the perfect getaway from pole position in the Subaru ahead of the rival Nissan of Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, while Paul Poon stayed in touch in his Peugeot RCZ, leading Teamwork’s other two cars, the Audi TTRS of Samson Fung, and the Peugeot raced by his son Alex Fung.

Wong defended against Kinoshita up the hill, and held the Japanese driver off again at Lisboa on the following lap, before the safety car was called and the race was eventually red-flagged after an incident at the famous Mandarin bend.

In the meantime, Andrew Lo, in the team’s third Peugeot, retired from the race after he was hit at Moorish hill and was forced to stop with damage.

The race eventually resumed after a long delay, with Wong leading the way again ahead of Kinoshita, with Wong making the perfect restart and was far ahead of the Japanese driver before Lisboa.

Wong defended his position to the finish, winning the race by half a second, while Poon finished third, racking up another victory at the Macau track.

All four of Teamwork’s drivers stood on the podium, with Samson Fung securing third in the Over 1950cc class, while Paul Poon and Alex Fung secured a 1-2 result for Teamwork in the 1600cc Turbo class in their Peugeot RCZs.

The result was a fantastic achievement for the team, who’ve been preparing for the race almost since the day last year’s race finished.

Sunny Wong, #12 Subaru WRX STi, Over 1950cc winner said:

“There weren’t many laps, so that wasn’t so fun, but in terms of results, four out of five of our cars were on the podium, so it was a brilliant result for us.

“After qualifying, we analysed and I identified our advantage was on the straight and in the first sector, and Kinoshita’s strength was in the second and third sector, so I pushed very hard in our strong part, and up the hill it’s virtually impossible to pass, so I played safe over there and our tactics worked.

“So now, Teamwork has one more Macau winner!”

Paul Poon, #31 Peugeot RCZ, 1.6T class winner said:”It’s very special as this is my 20th race here, as I’ve been racing here since 1998, and it’s my seventh win, so I’m very, very happy.

“The first two laps I tried to catch up with Sunny and Kinoshita, but then the safety car came out. On the last lap, because there was so much oil on the track, and because my team-mates were behind me, I took no risks and just backed off on the final lap and brought it home.”

Samson Fung, #36 Audi TTRS, third in the Over 1950cc class, said:”We’re happy with the results, and for my son and I to get on the podium in the same race. it’s been our dream for a long time, and it came true today, so I’m very, very happy.

“In the past 15 years, I’ve driven front-wheel drive cars, so this was my first time with all-wheel drive car and with a lot of horse power, and it’s quite different. The driving style is totally different, so I still need time to adapt to drive it fast.”

Alex Fung, #63 Peugeot RCZ, second in the 1.6T class, said:”That was a good result. The race wasn’t too eventful because there were some red flags, but we expected that as two classes of cars racing together it can be a bit messy. We are extremely happy with the results, we had four cars on the podium. This year is a very special and meaningful race for me; growing up I’d watch my father race for close to 15 years, and my dream was to race with him, alongside him, and my main wish was to be on the podium with him at Macau, one of the most special races, and we did it today!”

FOOD4U Macau Touring Car Cup result

1 – Sunny Wong – HKG – Suncity Racing Team – Subaru WRX STi – 7 laps
2 – Mitsuhiro Kinoshita – JPN – GTO Racing – Nissan GTR – 0.543
3 – Paul Poon – HKG – Suncity Racing Team – Peugeot RCZ – 9.646
4 – Samson Fung – HKG – Suncity Racing Team – Audi TTRS – 14.351
5 – Alex Fung – HKG – Suncity Racing Team – Peugeot RCZ – 15.071
6 – Wei Chao Yin – HKG – Son Veng Racing Team – Mitsubishi EVO IX – 15.190
7 – Ko Tim Tak – HKG – Shenzhen Dyno King Racing – Mitsubishi EVO IX – 16.621
8 – Chan Chi Ha – MAC – Mitsubishi EVO IX – 17.210
9 – Ng Kin Veng – MAC – Mitsubishi EVO IX – 18.257
10 – Stephen Lee – HKG – Mitsubishi EVO IX – 18.727