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The TCR International Asia series have proven to be very successful and popular due to the reasonable pricing yet fair & intense racing. In 2017, TCR China launched to meet the ever growing demand of touring car racing in the China region. This new series features a few well-known circuits in Shanghai, Guangdong, as well as new circuits in Zhejiang & Ningbo. Selected series contenders will also be able to participate in the in the Macau GP invitation race.
The race weekend format of TCR China is slightly different from the traditional format.  Each weekend there are three races; two of them being sprint races, and the third one being an hour race which can be driven by two drivers, leaving more options for budgeted teams and drivers.
Teamwork Motorsport, being an experienced fleet in the China, Hong Kong, and Macau region,is entering the TCR China 2017. Its main focus will be in the China region, which represents a perfect opportunity to exploit operational and promotional synergies.



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