Teamwork’s driver Sunny Wong about himself, Macau GP, and the Subaru he will be driving this year.teamworkms
Q: How did you feel when you first raced in Macau GP?
A: I first raced in Macau Grp N2000 class in 2010. I tried to learn the circuit thru video games, asked my Macanese friends to take me around the circuit at night. But when I first drove on it, the fence, walls, armco were making me so nervous that I totally couldn’t perform. After talking to my engineer and mentors in my team, I gather myself and met my targets in qualify and race for being in top 10.teamworkms
Q: How special is the Guia circuit to you? And any unfinished business there? 
A: Macau GP is a race I grow up watching, but never understood how drivers got into that arena.  Until I started racing and discovered I also have a chance to race there. I think getting on the podium is every driver’s dream, but I haven’t achieved that yet. I am not good enough but I am still learning.teamworkms
Q: You don’t have experience racing a high horsepower AWD in Macau, how do you prepare yourself for that? Anything to worry about?
A:Usually we will do a few tests in Guangdong and Zhuhai before the GP. That is the best chance to learn the car. The car felt easy to handle after initial test so now we are looking for more reliability. Luck is always important in Macau which means even if we are 100% prepared, troubles might still find us. I hope we will be away from trouble this year so everyone can carry a good momentum from practice to qualify. That will give us the best chance.

Q: The Subaru seems competitive after first test, any target you’ve set for yourself? 
A: It’s too early to say we are competitive. This category allows wide range of development so that means all race car has great potential. We can’t be satisfied too early, or set a result as our target. All we can do is do our best, prepare for the worst, and result will.teamworkms
Q: You’ve raced in formula, touring car, GT, which do you like the best?
A: I think more importantly is about the entire championship, the rivals.  I would like to race in high level races to learn through harsh competitions.  In the commercial perspective, perhaps high performance touring cars and GTs are more attractive.  We need the audience to enjoy watching to keep the sport running.