Samson Fung is one of the most experienced driver in Teamwork’s lineup.  He has been racing less frequently in recent years and chasing other dreams in his life, but he reveals that his “passion to the sport has never been this high”!捷凯决战濠江:冯文伟笑谈澳门
Q:  How do you weight motor racing in your life?
A:  Although I have been racing less in recent years, my passion to the sport has never been this high.  I have too many friends, and my son, Alex is also in the racing community.  Whether I am racing or not, I think motor racing will always big part of my life.   捷凯决战濠江:冯文伟笑谈澳门

Q:  What other sports do you do besides motorsports?
A:  I spend a lot of time in bowling as well.  This might sounds strange because the two look totally different from outside.  But I can tell you the similarities.  Above all the physical fundamental skills, both sports require a very calm and strategic mind.  Mental strength and instinct are equally important and can directly influence performances in both sports. 

Q:  After all these years racing alongside Paul Poon, what do you have to say about this teammate/friend?
A:  Paul is a great driver, and also a great friend.  I am very thankful to have him as a teammate all these years.  Every time we have a situation, Paul is always the first one to pin point problem the and come up with a quick solution.  In a race, you know Paul will selflessly help you to achieve the best results.  My victory in the 2011 Macau GP CTM Race is a perfect example.捷凯决战濠江:冯文伟笑谈澳门

Q: Can you share one of the best/funniest moment with Paul Poon? 
A:  We share too many funny stories.  One of them happened in our early days of racing, that we had to carry very heavy mechanical parts over night from Hong Kong to the circuit for emergency repair.  We both sweated like dogs to race against time.  It was a bitter experience, but a sweet memory.


Q:  Your son Alex Fung is also picking up motor racing, anything you want say to him?
A:  Alex officially raced with Teamwork in 2016, and he finished on the podium in his Macau GP debut in the same year.  I was more than pleased with his performance, but also worried he might become arrogant.  But quickly I realized Alex is grateful person.  One thing I will remind him is, “On and off the circuit, there are always things you can learn from your teammates and team members.” 捷凯决战濠江:冯文伟笑谈澳门

Q:  What is your expectation in the 65th Macau GP?
A:   I wish all my teammates, my son, competitors, all race participants, marshals, a very safe and enjoyable Grand Prix.  For myself, I hope to perform up to expectation, and fight for a podium finish.  捷凯决战濠江:冯文伟笑谈澳门