Suncity Group is One Of Asia's leading gaming and en tertainment conglomerates. Adhering to the spirit of”lnnovatlon with diversity, strive for success”, the Group keeps improving over the years and serves the guests with a range of high-end entertainments. The scope of its business covers finance, real estate development, Natural resource development, horse breeding, film production, concert and event planning, auction, sports development, printed publication and online medla, education, tourism, food and beverage as well as luxury goods. As a Macau’s enterprise, Suncity Group has been dedicated to promoting the entertainment world wide as to bring Macau and the Group toward a brand-new page.


Guangzhou CMS Auto Parts manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 1992, after 20 years, has the strong power and influence in the field of DIY CAR. Especially in the aspect of interior parts, keep advantage leading the industry trend, have related products according to customer requirements and evelopment, production capacity.


VANHOOL jet-light, professional exhaust customization brand, domestic exhaust, automobile modification, unbeatable modification, automobile exhaust, modified exhaust, dead throat, exhaust pipe, increase horsepower."Jie hui" in 2011 formally established VANHOOL exhaust brand, since 1995 in the form of OEM production of high-performance cars, motorcycles (Moto GP) parts and performance exhaust system and a large number of exports abroad, best-selling Europe and the United States and foreign performance car player quality approval.


Gusto Automotive Technology R&D Company Limited was established in 2005. It was the pioneer in China to import racing products, provide installation and after-sales services. Today, the company's scope of services includes performance upgrades for roads & tracks use, bespoke R&D programs for race cars, running race programs for manufacturers and privateers. Since 2014, Gusto has been appointed as the Official Chassis & Engine supplier for China Touring Car Championship (CTCC). Throughout all these years, Gusto has been actively participating in motorsports, putting its products to the harshest testing environments to further ensure their performance quality in local regions.


GETuned was born in the top automotive sports arena. With the development of the automotive aftermarket and users' demand for extreme performance upgrades, GETuned has gradually expanded its business scope to the civil market Mercedes-Benz and BMW brand model ECU program adjustment and upgrade services. Behind the GETuned brand is a team of engineers with decades of rich experience in the field of motor sports, and the brand technical leader still serves the first-line field of motor sports. The performance upgrade program stemming from the harsh race environment makes GETuned meet The user's demand for improved performance can also ensure the mechanical stability of the cars.


ALCON is a well-known British brake brand manufacturers, GUSTO,as ALCON ‘s sole agent in China has been sold its products since 2006 .For years,GUSTO always regularly update on its development trends and new products.Except in China , GUSTO is also responsible for ALCON's product sales in South Korea, so they all have the strategy of talking about cooperation. As for ALCON's calipers,in addition to its general cast parts, the highest specification is forged products, both in real cars and even the streets of the parts, quality control are meticulous, within the factory can also be seen tight Process, that's why the British noble sports car Bentley is also use their brake calipers . ALCON has developed a clutch system in addition to the caliper, but all are used in racing. For example, most of the current WTCC and CTCC racing cars are using this product.


Ohlins Suspension was started by Kent Ohlins in 1976. Originally based on motorcycle products, in the 1970s and 1980s, OHLINS products were even more of a guarantee of quality and excellence,which made them to won a great deal of awards in all kinds of competitions around the world. It has also gradually begun to enter to the automotive market. Their shock absorbers have helped many drivers to obtain a plenty of awards.In 1991,the product got ISO9001 certification and 3 yeas later in 1994 it got IS14000 certification .Because of its high quality, OHLINS is now becoming most of super car manufacturers 's OEM , such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani are all manufactured by OHLINS. At present, OHLINS has a great deal of business in addition to motorcycles and motorhomes. In the case of the Chinese market, it would provide the highest racing technology to meet different racing needs in different ways. In addition, Rally racing has been sponsored by GUSTO for OHLINS product support.In the near future, on-site repair or setting would be provided by a professional team. Street cars are also gradually developing for domestic models to meet the needs of the Chinese market.


Founded in 2002, Revo is a pioneer in the marketplace of automotive performance through the OBDII interface into the switchable re-map engine control program. Ten years later, Revo has expanded its product portfolio to cover Volkswagen, Ford and KTM models and achieves its business globalization with more than 400 distribution and performance center authorized networks in 40 countries.


Millers oils has a long history in the UK, early in 1887, the company has startded its oil business ,with its small scale and family-owned business model, Millers' technology make itself second to none and its technical specifications are recognized by all car manufacturers , more than this ,it also gets IS09001 certification. In addition to its high quality, Millers devoted considerable resources in research and development, part of the technologies are unique in the world. While Millers is the only Triple ESTER technology that offers a significant increase in abrasion resistance and durability for use in top line products,other oil brands are still using Double ESTER . What's more ,the using of NT(Nanotechnology) can not only improve the lubrication degree but can also improve the durability of the oil. Millers oils is divided into many different levels, but now GUSTO is focusing on the development of high-performance oil, aming at providing the first high-quality image to the public and in China, Millers has became Aston Martin's designated engine oil.


Stand21 was established in Dijon-France, over 45 years ago by Yves Morizot. Yves’s vision made Stand21 the world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. The secret of Stand21’s success is due to Yves Morizot's bussiness model that applied the following strategy:Identify a true need, then Stand21's in house R&D Department will conceive and develop products that will fill these needs. With 150 employees world wide, Stand21 products are hand crafted within Stand21's own factories, exceeding the most rigorous safety and edical standards required by the FIA, SFI, the Snell foundation etc.


IDI was formally established in Akishima, Tokyo in 1999. The company's three English alphabets stand for Independent, "" Development, "and" Industry. "The company has always adhered to all technical and Products are independently developed, and strive to walk in the forefront of the industry. The company's main business in addition to automotive brakes, but also covers the vehicle oil product development and sales. In addition to the general civilian market products, IDI is also a "regulars" in the racetrack and has sales outlets in Japan's Fuji Motor Speedway as an opportunity to sponsor professional events and private track day sponsors such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Audi, Lotus, Ferrari and other international manufacturers. Professional, reliable, close to the people is its most appropriate brand image.


Autotel has been trading since 1986, specialising in Race Communications Equipment since 1996. We have always strived to supply the latest in technology to give the best possible communications system for this very demanding environment. Autotel launched its first digital race communications system in 2008, being one of the first companies to use this technology in the race environment. This early entry into Digital radio has enabled us to stay at the forefront of this technology and develop our systems to give what we think is the best digital systems on the market. Our systems have run in the Le Mans 24 hour race for the last 16 years and are now used all over the world in almost every race series that uses radio. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible systems with the best after sales service and race support packages. We also ensure it is possible for you to licence your system wherever you go to in the world with our after sales licencing service.